Literary magazine seeks submissions

Story by Cailey Roberson, staff writer

Submissions for this year’s literary magazine, Clarity, are due on Thursday.

“A lot of writers hide behind their writing or they hide behind their personalities and school,” junior and magazine editor Anneliese Hounsel said. “This magazine kind of gives them a way to step out and really be clear about what’s going on in their heads and what they’re all about.”

Students may submit writings, poems, original lyrics, artwork, photography, screenplays, or any kind of art.

“We need more short stories and more poetry and maybe some photography for people who are really good with photography,” creative writing teacher Deanna Henderson said. “We have quite a bit of art; we need photography.”

Some teachers are even offering incentives for submissions to Clarity.

“Your English teacher will probably give you bonus points for submitting,” Henderson said. “The magazine is submitted to Columbia University in New York, and we have won Gold and Silver [Medalist certificates] for every year for the magazine since we started doing this seven years ago.”

Submission forms are available from Henderson in Room 21.