Breaking news: Car catches fire in school parking lot


Photo taken by Hudson Davis

Today at 3:47 p.m. Hudson Davis’ 1990 C4 Corvette Convertible caught on fire in the school parking lot.

The sophomore tried turning on his car and it wouldn’t start. He tried a second time and flames erupted.

“I tried again and smoke came out from the hood,” Davis said. “I got out and I saw small flames, but they didn’t look that big.”

Car pictured after fire with damage. Photo taken by Hudson Davis
Car pictured after fire with damage. Photo taken by Hudson Davis

The flames looked manageable so the student decided to act quickly.

“I took off my hoodie and tried to put the flames out with it,” Davis said. “I then dumped all my water I had in my car on it, but that did nothing but make it smoke more.”

As the smoke piled, it drew a crowd and commotion.

“There were about 50 students watching, videoing it, and I even saw Luker Hayes standing atop his truck to get a better view,” Davis said.

The Texarkana Fire Department arrived on the scene and put the fire out within 15 minutes. Other than a minor burn on Davis’ arm, there were no injuries or other vehicles damaged as a result of the fire.

“For the past few days it had been taking awhile to start, and I had told my dad about it,” Davis said. “He said it would be fine, and I remember jokingly saying, ‘What if it explodes?’”


Davis doesn’t plan on letting these adversities bring him down.

“I called my boss to tell him I’d be a little late,” Davis said. “Needless to say, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.”

Photo taken by Hudson Davis
Photo taken by Hudson Davis