Livin’ like Gatsby

Juniors acknowledge end of year with party

Story by Raga Justin, Staff writer

A little party never killed nobody

Accompanied by swinging jazz music and a profusion of flapper dresses, juniors gathered Thursday in the Dan Haskins Student Center to experience the life and culture portrayed in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s immortal novel, The Great Gatsby.

“The English department decided the time period was really interesting, and the kids seemed to enjoy the book tremendously,” English teacher Brittny Crowell said. “It’s an iconic period in history, and we just wanted to celebrate that.”

The cafeteria was decorated accordingly, with props and music that epitomized the Roaring Twenties.

“We were all excused from 5th period,” junior Alanna Tran said. “The jazz band played, and they were fantastic, and the food that everyone brought was great. They had selfie booths, and everything was really cute and fun.”

The English department was pleased with the positive response they received from students.

“I think all of them had a great time,” Crowell said. “They all worked hard to get outfits together, they were taking pictures and everything.”

Juniors enjoyed the chance to shake things up a little and took advantage of the occasion.

“Some people decided not to dress up the whole day, but me and my friends did for fun,” Tran said. “We got really into it.”

While this is only the second year the party has happened, English teachers are hoping it becomes a tradition, similar to the Canterbury march the seniors do annually.

“Everyone was behaving and having fun while appreciating the book,” Crowell said. “As teachers, that’s the whole point of doing this.”