Earning their stripes

Camp makes freshmen feel at home


Megan Brandon

Freshmen examine their new schedules at Texas High’s annual Tiger Camp. The camp was held on Aug. 15 and allows freshmen to adjust to Texas High before the first day of school.

Story by Katie Biggar, Staff Writer

Making the transition from middle school to high school is an exciting time of the year and a rite of passage for some. This year was no different in welcoming the class of 2019.

It all started on Aug. 15 while welcoming these nervous yet excited freshmen into the school for the time old tradition that we call Tiger Camp.

Tiger Camp is a twist on the basic freshman orientation that many schools provide. This is a time when freshmen can get their schedules, school IDs, buss passes, and learn the traditions associated with being a Tiger.

Freshman principal Julius Anderson said it takes many people to make the event a success.

“It takes a supportive staff, parents who trust us with their students best interest, and most of all, excellent student leaders,” Anderson said. “That’s why we’re so successful.”

With such a big campus, Tiger Camp made many freshmen feel more at ease about their first day.

“I am so glad they gave us a tour of the school and showed us where our classes were,” freshman Elaina Robertson said. “Now I have a good idea of where my classes will be.”

Even though her overall experience was positive, Robertson said there’s one thing she would like to see incorporated.

“It would have to be that they added in the opportunity to meet the freshmen teachers,” Robertson said, “but now I have something exciting waiting for me on the first day of school.”

While at Tiger Camp new students had the opportunity to learn not only where to go, they learned about spirit days, the school song, chants and Texas/Arkansas traditions.

“I’m really excited about the dress up days because Texas High does a great job of showing school spirit,” freshman Madison Brown said. “Dressing up is always fun when everyone participates and enjoys it.”