A new direction

Marching band initiates three drum majors, versus two


Kayleigh Moreland

Drum majors Elizabeth Colvin, Alanna Tran, Odin Contreras

Story by Meghan Harris, staff writer

This year is unlike any other for the marching band. So that they can become stronger, the band is being led by three drum majors while there are typically only two.

Having three drum majors not only allows for increased coverage of the field, but it also makes the job a little less stressful. The three have worked together with the band to prepare all of their performances, from pep rallies to competitions.

“Having two other minds to discuss ideas with has been great,” senior drum major Alanna Tran said. “Working with two other people instead of one has been a significant difference from last year.”
For Colvin, becoming drum major has been a dream since her freshman year, when Kate Deese was drum major. Although Kate made an impact on her, she was also inspired by Alanna Tran.

“My junior year, having Alanna as my drum major was even more encouraging to try out. She was a good leader and I wanted to be part of her team.”

Odin Contreras is the only male drum major and the only junior.

“My life has positively changed because I get the opportunity to wake up every morning and be able to lead the band,” Contreras said. “It puts a smile on my face to see everyone work so hard by learning our show and practicing their music.”

Tran, Colvin and Contreras have the job of leading the band in every half-time performance and competition. There is a large amount of pressure placed on the three students by the band directors, the band and the crowd.

“The feeling of leading the band on the field is nothing short of amazing,” Colvin said. “In the end I mostly think about how everyone else feels about themselves during the performance.”

The drum majors know that the more they focus on individuals and helping them that they will be able to help them later on as a whole.

“I know that I can be forceful at times, and very demanding, but I just want the best out of everyone,” Colvin said. “Sometimes for me to get results I have to put on a demanding demeanor in order to show that what we are doing is serious.”

All of the drum majors want everyone to be happy in the end and look back at the memories that they have made together throughout the season.

“I hope that every single member can become friends, because the only way we are able to become better is if that we all get along,” Contreras said. “If there are band members who hold everyone else back then they won’t be able to become better. This is why teamwork between the members is so important.”

Being a drum major has taught them patience and to become a listener and focus on the group as a whole.

“It’s all about setting the same goal, and having the determination on reaching it,” Colvin said.

“It’s a wonderful experience to lead a group of people that have the same passion as you.”