Morris’ 5th grade class to perform “Lion King”


Story by Cailey Roberson, staff writer

After months of preparation, Morriss Elementary fifth graders will be performing a version of Disney’s “The Lion King ” at the Sullivan Performing Arts Center on Friday, April 8, at 6:30 p.m.

“My friends and I will be nervous and excited on the night of the play,” fifth-grader Christopher Gennings said. “I look forward to giving our parents something to enjoy.”

Students have not only been perfecting their vocal chords and acting skills but have also been creating props, costumes and choreographing dances and scenes.

“I am a giraffe, and I also work up in the booth doing lights,” fifth-grader Hallie Hackett said. “Me and the other giraffes had to build costumes, and everyone in the booth had to learn how and when to play the music.”

Admission will be free and the public is welcome.

“We have been preparing since the first day of school,” fine arts teacher Kay Shirley said. “I am so excited to see all of my students use their gifts and talents to entertain our audience. They really are an amazing group of kids, and they each bring something special to the show. They have designed costumes, set pieces and even created dances. It really is an amazing show.”