Reading between the lines

Students are invited to read banned books on the week of Sept. 26-30


Story by Victoria Van, staff writer

A multitude of “challenged” books are tucked away until it’s time for them to be opened and read by eager eyes. You immerse yourself inside a book containing the most important aspects of controversial issues otherwise not spoken aloud. Countless books have been within the bookshelves that are now exposed and waiting to be read. The library will hold Banned Books week during the week of Sept. 26-30.

This event allows people to uncover a variety of disputed books that have been restricted for personal or religious reasons. You can get the opportunity to check out a book and celebrate your right to read.

A few recommendations by librarian Mrs. Rachel Epley and students: Fahrenheit 451, The Color Purple and Lord of the Flies

“In the library, we don’t believe in censorship,” Epley said. “We want students to enjoy reading and hope some books that are considered controversial give people an opportunity to talk to an adult about sensitive issues.”