More than just a DREAM

New program readies students for life outside of high school


Kayleigh Moreland

DREAM instructor Brittney Brookes explains to students the goals and benefits of the program. Members will begin to ready themselves for opportunities after they graduate.

Story by John Morgan, staff writer

A new program has been introduced on campus that is like no other.  This club, the DREAM program, will give students the opportunity to learn new life skills while preparing them for success in higher education.  

Dedication and Responsibility Encourages Ambition and Motivation (DREAM) will provide support and service for students with major emphasis on community service and college and career readiness.

“Our goals are for students to increase academic achievement, increase community involvement and enhance leadership skills,” instructor Brittney Brookes said. “We’re brand new and in our pilot year, but in my opinion, I think DREAM will be an exciting after school program.”

The DREAM program is holding a Kickoff Celebration on Oct. 4 at 4 p.m. to start off the year.  There will be food, music and games for students to participate in.  

“It’ll pretty much be one big meet and greet and social,” Brookes said. “Members will do the jelly bean challenge, another game called ’Swallow Your Fears’ and other activities that will start off in a fun way.”

Throughout the year, members will use curriculum from the Chick-fil-a Leader Academy. Some of the lessons include servant leadership, financial literacy, time management, and the course “Is College for Me?”

“This program in general will be a chance to better myself,” senior Richard Hunter said. “It’ll help teach myself and others how to handle things in the real world that we couldn’t have done before.”

The club also serves as a teen mentorship program. Community members and local college students will guide a small group with one member from each grade level and serve as resources for positive solutions and support. Students will benefit from individual and small group relationships with community leaders and those around them.

Community service will be a main focus of DREAM as well. Throughout the year, students will come up with several projects that will benefit the community including Do Good December and Impact Projects.

“I hope to see students interact with people that they wouldn’t normally interact with,” Brookes said. “A lot of the lessons and activities will cause members to connect with people in school and the community that they never would have talked to before.”

The new club took advantage of social media and made some buzz in the summer with its Instagram page, @texashighdream.  From contests to daily reminders, the page has played a role in spreading the word about new opportunities.

“I didn’t know what the club was at first,” sophomore Erin McDonald said. “I found out through Instagram that they’re going to help [students] with many life skills that [they will] need down the road.”

Weekly meetings will occur every Tuesday after Oct. 4 from 4-5 p.m. until May 26. In all, there will be 28 meetings throughout the school year.  Students will eat after the meetings, and transportation will be provided if necessary.

“We’re going to have an exciting time this year,” Brookes said. “This will be a program that will be different than many, but it’ll definitely be a lot of fun.”

To join the DREAM program, one must have a minimum 2.0 GPA, have no disciplinary issues and maintain a 90 percent attendance rate at meetings for the year.  The program will accept 120 students in all with 30 from each grade.

“The program itself is nothing more than a dream,” Hunter said, “but we’ll still be working hard and benefitting ourselves for the future.”