Through rose-colored glasses

Rosebuds initiation dinner upholds tradition


Kayleigh Moreland

Junior members line up to present roses to their new little sisters.

Story by Ashlyn Sander, business manager

The smell of chicken fingers and mashed potatoes overwhelms the girls in dresses and heels sitting properly with their napkins in their laps and their legs crossed. Excitement and anticipation fills the room as names are announced.

The annual Rosebuds initiation dinner was held Monday Oct. 10 at the Waterall Building. At this dinner, the newly inducted sophomores found out who their big sister was and enjoyed a dinner with the rest of the club.

“It was very sweet and exciting,” junior Meredith Maynard said. “I’m not in any other clubs that do big and little sisters, so it was the first time I’ve ever done anything like that. My little sister, Mikenzie Blase, was very excited and getting to share the excitement with her was the best part.”

Every year, sophomores look forward to their induction into the society club.

“I’m glad that I’m in [Rosebuds] because I feel like there will be a lot of opportunities to bond with people,” sophomore Cameron Murray said. “I think it is going to be something fun and different that not everyone is in.”

During the dinner, juniors were given a rose to hand to their little sisters as their names were called.

“I was kind of nervous at first that I would get somebody I didn’t really know or that maybe we wouldn’t click,” sophomore Kendyl Myers said. “I’m really glad I got Eleanor Schroeder, though, because we have soccer together, so now I’m looking forward to the opportunity to bond more.”  

Getting a little sister didn’t just affect the juniors; the seniors were also eager to gain a family member.

“My experience was overall positive because I got to add another member to my family,” senior Olivia Johnson said. “I definitely think this year of Rosebuds will top last year’s in every way.”

Seniors look back fondly on the memories made with the club, starting with their sophomore year.

“It seems like just yesterday I got my big sister at my first initiation dinner, and it is so hard to believe this was my last,” senior Mary Claire Paddock said. “From yoga to the bake sales, I love all the things we do in Rosebuds, and I can’t believe this is my last year.”