Bachelor auction to be held Feb. 20


Graphic by Alex O’Gorman

Story by Ali Richter, copy editor

Ladies, it’s time to dig through your purses and get ready to bid on that boy you have always had your eye on. The Thirst Project is holding a Bachelor Auction fundraiser at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 20, in the cafeteria.

Boys from all high school grades will be auctioned off for your buying pleasure. There is an entry fee of $1 and a minimum bidding price of $5. Tickets will be sold at all school lunches and at the door of the event. A school ID must be presented for purchase.

Each bachelor will have a short time to introduce himself and to show why he is worth a bid. The highest bidders will get to enjoy a pizza party one day during enrichment with their bachelor along with other top bidders and their prizes. All proceeds will go toward the Thirst Project and aid the senior class in reaching their goal of raising $12,000 to build a well in Swaziland.

Boys interested in participating should contact Ricky Cooks, Raga Justin, Slyder Welch or Ali Richter. Sign up forms will be available during all lunches.