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Tea with Cinderella offers unique experience to young girls


Photo by Raga Justin

Senior Grace Hickey, who plays Cinderella, talks animatedly to one of the young attendants of Tea with Cinderella. The event was held on Jan. 21, a few hours before the second showing of the play.

Story by Katie Biggar, entertainment editor

It’s a known fact that every little girl has dreamt of the luxuries of being a princess. What was once a fantasy at its finest became a reality to the young girls of Texarkana on Saturday, Jan. 21. The Tiger Theatre Company hosted Tea with Cinderella, inviting children of all ages to come meet the cast of ‘Cinderella,’ the most recent school musical production, and enjoy some snacks prepared for royalty.

“The event was a way to give the kids a chance to meet their favorite childhood characters,” said junior Brennon Cope, who plays Prince Christopher. “It felt great to be a role model while giving the kids the chance to feel like royalty for a little bit.”

The Tiger Theatre Company raised $1030 off of the event, selling each ticket at the price of $5 per child and providing for 206 kids. With the help of the culinary program, the event was student-run and well-organized.

“I loved the fact that both parents and kids of all ages could come and make memories at a very cheap cost,” parent Autumn Smith said.

The tea was held hours before the second showing of the play, and the kids were invited to go see it that evening.

“The tea was definitely a tiring experience, but in a good way,” said senior Grace Hickey, who plays Cinderella. “The fact that we got the opportunity to meet so many little kids, looking up to us, made it all worth it.”

The event was not limited to just TISD students–students from surrounding schools were invited to participate as well. As a result, the turnout was greater than expected and by all accounts was considered a huge success.

“I feel that this event not only has brought moms and daughters together, but also has given little girls the chance to be a princess for a day,” parent Shary Ryan said.

The girls who participated were encouraged to wear their prettiest princess dress for Tea with Cinderella. The attire was chosen to make the girls feel just as beautiful as princesses, and it did just that.

“There was this special moment where four tiny princesses had just finished meeting Cinderella,” Theatre Director Lisa Newton said. “They were twirling a blur of pastel gowns as they danced down the gallery to the lobby, it was pure joy.”