Bye bye bushes

Campus changes aim to improve appearance, efficiency


Angela Valle

The removal of the bushes in the courtyard is part of an ongoing project by administration to beautify the campus.

Story by Ali Richter, copy editor

Whether it is to increase traffic flow or beautify the campus, schools will always take the opportunity to upgrade their campuses whenever one arises. Texas High is always adjusting and changing parts of the campus to make things run smoothly. Recently, however, some of the plans for the campus have been put on hold.

“We were going to do some major updates on landscaping but will have to wait until the summer due to the weather over the break,” principal Brad Bailey said. “We did extend our concrete walkway outside of hallway one and behind the cafeteria.”

Once the school year ends, the school will go on with its earlier plans to take out the bushes, which will open up the area more. They will also add some elements to beautify the school.

“Starting in June, we will remove all the existing shrubs in the courtyard and fill the area in with concrete,” Bailey said. “This will open up more traffic flow. We will stamp the concrete with ‘Tigers’ and the Tiger ‘T’ to give it more appeal. Also, we will have planter boxes with flowers, and clubs will have an opportunity to maintain their flower box.”

The courtyard will not be the only area that will receive improvements. The administration has other plans for landscaping in additional places on campus.

“Outside the library, we will remove shrubs and replace with concrete then have additional benches for seating,” Bailey said. “Outside the cafeteria, in the main hallway, we will remove all of the shrubs and redesign this area with boxwoods that spell out ‘Texas High’ or ‘Tigers’.  We will have some color added in on the sides to highlight the raised bedded area.”

In addition to these small changes, the school will also be undergoing some large-scale construction over the summer.

“We are also going to paint and do some upgrades to the top floor of the 9th grade building,” Bailey said. “This will be phase one project then upgrade flooring the following year as a phase two project.”

Students seem to be content with the changes that are to come.

“I think it will be good to take out the bushes in the courtyard so there is more walking room,” senior Cathryn Payne said. “It can get really crowded there between classes and hard to get through to my classes. I think adding flowers in will also make the school more aesthetic.”