Publications staff takes top awards at state convention


A group of publications students traveled to Austin to participate in the ILPC convention. The staffs took home multiple awards, including Gold Stars in newspaper and yearbook. Submitted photo.

Story by Ricky Cooks, In-Depth editor

The Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC) convention was held on April 22-23 at the University of Texas at Austin. Hundreds of  student journalists from around the state attended the convention, taking classes and receiving awards. The THS Publications staffs were in attendance and received several awards in many categories.

The awards for the three staffs are all listed below:

Yearbook Awards

ILPC Gold Star

TOPS in Texas-Yearbook

  •      Theme Selection & Development—Madison Maynard, Colleen Russell and Elizabeth Tullis
  •      Headlines—Marley Crawford and Braden Sellers
  •      Tribute Ad Spread—Staff
  •      Index—Linley Murdock
  •      Academic Spread—Kayleigh Moreland

Individual Achievement Awards

  •      First Place, Theme Selection & Development: Madison Maynard, Colleen Russell and Elizabeth Tullis
  •      Second Place, Theme Copy & Captions: Olivia Johnson
  •      Second Place, Captions: Cathryn Payne
  •      First Place, Headlines: Marley Crawford and Braden Sellers
  •      First Place, Tribute Ad Spread: Staff
  •      First Place, Index: Linley Murdock
  •      Honorable Mention, Feature Spread: Cecelia Goesl
  •      Third Place, Student Life Spread: Marley Crawford and Aubree Cramer
  •      Honorable Mention, Student Life Spread: Hannah Hayes and Mackenzie Burt
  •      First Place, Sports Spread: Blaire Bledsoe and Hannah Harrell
  •      Third Place, Sports Spread: Braden Sellers and Olivia Johnson
  •      First Place, Academic Spread: Kayleigh Moreland
  •      Second Place, Academic Spread: Hannah Hayes
  •      Honorable Mention, Class Spread: Ashley Wallace
  •      Honorable Mention, Class Spread: Sara Ottinger
  •      Second Place, Club/Organization Spread: Lois LeFors and Alba Tandazo
  •      Third Place, Multi-Topic Spread: Sarah Stark and Sara Ottinger
  •      Honorable Mention, Multi-Topic Spread: Mondraesha Davis and Chloe Harden
  •      Honorable Mention, Secondary Coverage: Linley Murdock
  •      First Place, Academic Story: Ellie Mohon
  •      Third Place, Academic Story: Hannah Hayes
  •      Honorable Mention, Sports Story: Gage McDonald
  •      Honorable Mention, Club/Organization Story: Frances Schroeder and Olivia Johnson
  •      Second Place, Sports Action Photo: Emily Meinzer
  •      Third Place, Sports Action Photo: Madeline Parish
  •      Third Place, Photo Portfolio: Emily Meinzer
  •      Honorable Mention, Photo Portfolio: Kayleigh Moreland

Newspaper Awards

ILPC Gold Star

TOPS in Texas­–Newspaper

  •      Editorial Writing—Alex O’Gorman
  •      Opinion Portfolio—Colton Johnson
  •      Nameplate Design—Staff
  •      Online News Feature—Raga Justin and Jessica Emerson

Individual Achievement Awards

  •      First Place, News Writing: Celeste Anderson
  •      Third Place, Online News Writing: Raga Justin, Alex O’Gorman, Anna Cannon, Jillian Cheney
  •      First Place, Online News Feature: Raga Justin and Jessica Emerson
  •      Honorable Mention, News Writing: Anna Cannon
  •      First Place, News Feature: Lois LeFors
  •      Honorable Mention, News Feature: Lois LeFors
  •      First Place, Online Editorial Writing: Staff
  •      First Place, Editorial Writing: Alex O’Gorman
  •      Third Place, Editorial Writing: Grace Hickey
  •      Second Place, Online Sports News Story: Raga Justin
  •      Third Place, Online Sports News Story: Caleb Snow
  •      Second Place, Sports News Writing: Lauren Potter
  •      Second Place, Online Sports Feature: Ali Richter
  •      Honorable Mention, Online Sports Feature: Madison Brown
  •      Honorable Mention, Online Feature Writing: Langley Leverett
  •      First Place, Feature Writing: Anna Cannon
  •      Honorable Mention, Feature Writing: Langley Leverett
  •      Third Place, Online Entertainment Review: Jillian Cheney
  •      First Place, Entertainment Review: Jillian Cheney
  •      First Place, Entertainment Feature: Paisley Allen
  •      First Place, Entertainment Feature: Misty Lopez
  •      Honorable Mention, Entertainment Feature: Matt Francis and John Debenport
  •      Honorable Mention, Online Personal Column: Colton Johnson
  •      First Place, Personal Column: Colton Johnson
  •      Honorable Mention, Personal Column: Colton Johnson
  •      First Place, Online Personal Opinion Column: Ricky Cooks
  •      Honorable Mention, Personal Opinion Column: Emily McMaster
  •      Second Place, Online Sports Column: Celeste Anderson
  •      First Place, Sports Column: Matt Prieskorn
  •      First Place, Opinion Portfolio: Colton Johnson
  •      Third Place, In-Depth News/Feature Story: Raga Justin
  •      Honorable Mention, In-Depth News/Feature Story: Jillian Cheney
  •      First Place, Online In-Depth News/Feature Package: Lauren Potter
  •      First Place, In-Depth News/Feature Package: Raga Justin
  •      Second Place, In-Depth News/Feature Package: Colton Johnson and Anna Cannon
  •      First Place, Student Art: Victoria Van
  •      Second Place, Student Art: Colton Johnson
  •      Third Place, Online Computer Art: Alex O’Gorman
  •      Honorable Mention, Online Computer Art: Lauren Potter
  •      First Place, Computer Art: Alex O’Gorman, Jillian Cheney and Lauren Potter
  •      Honorable Mention, Computer Art: Langley Leverett
  •      Honorable Mention, Infographic Sidebar: Alex O’Gorman and Raga Justin
  •      First Place, Cartoon: Colton Johnson
  •      Second Place, Cartoon: Alex O’Gorman
  •      First Place, Online Cartoon: Alex O’Gorman
  •      Second Place, Online Student Artwork: Colton Johnson
  •      Third Place, Online Student Artwork: Colton Johnson
  •      Second Place, Online Infographic/Sidebar: Alex O’Gorman
  •      First Place, Page One Design: Anna Graves and Brianna O’Shaughnessy
  •      Third Place, Page One Design: Kayleigh Moreland and Alex O’Gorman
  •      First Place, Sports Page Design: Jay Williamson
  •      Honorable Mention, Sports Page Design: Lauren Potter
  •      First Place, Feature Page Design: Langley Leverett
  •      Second Place, Feature Page Design: Katie Biggar
  •      Second Place, Entertainment Page Design: Alex O’Gorman
  •      Honorable Mention, Entertainment Page Design: Thalia Hawkins and Victoria Van
  •      First Place, News Page Design: Joseph Rodgers
  •      Third Place, News Page Design: Jay Williamson
  •      First Place, Editorial Page Design: Alex O’Gorman
  •      Second Place, Editorial Page Design: Grace Hickey
  •      Third Place, Double Truck Design: Lauren Potter
  •      Honorable Mention, Double Truck Design: Alex O’Gorman and Raga Justin
  •      Honorable Mention, Sports Action Photo: Angela Valle
  •      Third Place, Online Sports Action Photo: Madeline Parish
  •      Third Place, Online Sports Feature Photo: Emily Meinzer
  •      Third Place, Online General News Photo: Auyreal Parker
  •      First Place, Online Feature Photo: Alyssa Kift
  •      Second Place, Online Feature Photo: Kayleigh Moreland
  •      First Place, Online Entertainment Photo: Raga Justin
  •      First Place, Portrait: Madeline Parish
  •      Third Place, Portrait: Ashlyn Sander        
  •      Honorable Mention, Online Portrait: Alyssa Kift
  •      Honorable Mention, Photo Portfolio: Kayleigh Moreland
  •      Honorable Mention, Photo Portfolio: Emily Meinzer
  •      Third Place, Online Photo Portfolio: Lauren Maynard
  •      Second Place, Captions: Staff
  •      Honorable Mention, Headlines: Staff
  •      First Place, Nameplate Design: Staff
  •      Honorable Mention, Online Photo Slideshow: Lauren Maynard and Kayleigh Moreland
  •      Honorable Mention, Online Photo Slideshow: Racheal Sizemore
  •      First Place, Multimedia Video Package: Raga Justin and Ricky Cooks
  •      Second Place, Multimedia Video Package: Madeline Parish
  •      Third Place, Social Media: Staff

On-site Contest Awards

  • Second Place, Photography: Kaitlyn Gordon
  • Second Place, Writing: Addison Cross