Chick-fil-A introduces ‘Mobile Mondays’ and curbside delivery

Story by Kaitlyn Gordon, staff writer

Chick-fil-A has become one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in Texarkana, especially for the students at Texas High School. However, the lines to order their delicious food are longer than most can stand. Many Chick-fil-A’s, such as the one in Central Mall in Texarkana, have discovered a solution for this dilemma: curbside delivery.

“Each shift has a designated person to deal with the curbside orders. As soon as the order hits the screen, that person makes the drinks, puts the sauces that they want together, and grabs the napkins and straws. They get everything together while the others make the food,” owner Ken Miller said. “As soon as the meal is all put together, they’re given the order ticket that has the person’s name and what vehicle they’re in. When they go out to look for that vehicle, they’re usually in one of our designated parking spots.”

The Chick-fil-A in the mall has to compete for business with the with the free-standing Chick-fil-A on Richmond Road which seems to stay busy all day with a line of cars wrapped around the building. Faced with this overwhelming competition, he looks to the community for new ideas on how to improve his business and attract new customers.

“It’s easy for moms,” Miller said. “That was the primary reason we did it, so that moms with kids that didn’t want to wait in the drive through over at the other Chick-fil-A in town could come to our designated parking spot at the mall, and we could take their food to them. It’s hard to get out of there because of the heavy traffic. We have a few friends who said it would be great if we could do something like curbside delivery, so we made it happen.”

They also have begun offering special deals to increase awareness and revenue through the new curbside delivery.

“Every Monday we give you something free if you order with the mobile app,” Miller said. “Last Monday was a free chicken sandwich, so if you ordered through the app, you automatically got a free chicken sandwich added to your order. We advertise what the Mobile Monday will be usually Saturday or Sunday on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Sometimes we even let the community vote on what they want it to be.”

Miller has made it a mission of his to ensure that his customers are pleased and is constantly looking for ways to improve the system that Chick-fil-A operates under.

“Originally I wasn’t planning on becoming a Chick-fil-A owner, but when I really thought about what I really loved to do, serving others and pleasing God, I knew this was it,” Miller said. “We try to take care of our guests first, so we should be able to take care of everyone with a smile on our face, speaking enthusiastically and getting connected with them.”