The fall of KnoMi


Illustration by Molly Kyles

Story by Molly Kyles, staff writer

KnoMi. The go-to site for grades and schedules. But perhaps the site is better remembered for lesser things, like the profile page you haven’t updated since middle school that confesses your love for boy bands long forgotten, or the mini games everyone raced to play in their free time during classes, or that oh-so-familiar bully report button we’ve all threatened to use on at least ten of our closest friends. No matter who you were, or how many friends you had, KnoMi was a place where the school was bonded by school spirit and a mutual hatred for the vague inspirational quotes in the corner of the screen.

But despite KnoMi’s eight-year history, the relic of a website is coming to an end, and by the end of the school year, KnoMi will be Kno-More.

“We are moving more towards accessing Google Classroom and the components of Gmail to utilize many more functions for our students rather than the limited amount we have with KnoMi,” Principal Brad Bailey said. “KnoMi has been a great tool for our students and staff, but this is the next step as we continue to advance forward and strengthen our programs.”

KnoMi’s original purpose was to help students access online resources like grades, monitored blogs, keep up with assignments in classes, and primarily, to access Google Docs. But when the website’s main purpose is to access another website, a few flaws come to light. KnoMi was essentially adding an unnecessary step in the process.

“We’re cutting out the middle-man,” STEM-Coordinator Lauren Pilgreen said. “Most students just used KnoMi to access their Google Docs. Now students can go straight to Google.”

The main concern is the easy-to-access student grades that were once a feature of the site. When KnoMi is gone, students will need an alternate way to see grades. The administration is aware and is taking steps to prepare.

“We are working on this now and will have a decision soon in place for the 18-19 school year,” Bailey said. “Students can still use KnoMi this school year to check their grades.”

This is it, the last year of KnoMi, and everyone’s last chance to enjoy it. So go change that profile to something relevant, comment something random on your friends’ pages, and send out friend requests like crazy, because after this year, you can’t do it again.

“[KnoMi] has helped students access their grades so they can monitor and ensure their success.  It has provided tools for students to use by housing a variety of resources in one location,” Bailey said. “However as we continue to grow, we must implement new programs to help meet the needs of our students that are more efficient and productive as we move forward in the future.”