On the record

Texas High hosted the Four States Marching Contest on Oct. 7


Angela Valle

Texas High students perform in the Tiger Band at Grim for a regional contest.

Story by Grey Johnson, staff writer

Texas High School hosted the Four States Marching Contest Oct. 7 at the Tiger Stadium. Overall, 22 marching bands were evaluated by a panel of six judges who gave out four outstanding awards.

The Outstanding Drum Major Award went to Benton High School from Louisiana, who had scored a 1 overall, while Airline High School from Louisiana was awarded with the Outstanding Percussion Award and had an equal score of 1. Redwater received both the Outstanding Color Guard Award and the Outstanding Band Award. They also had a composite score of 1.

Although the Texas High Band was hosting, and therefore, could not formally compete, they still put on a performance for the other participants.

“We were more prepared for the contest this early in the season than we’ve ever been,” percussion director David Stuart said. “Usually [at the] Four States [competition] we’re there, but we’re still adding on. This was the first year that we were more prepared with the show, the music and the whole package as early as the Four States Contest.”

We were more prepared for the contest this early in the season than we’ve ever been.

The band directors showed positivity to the performance at the contest and the future band performances.

“After the performance I felt good,” Stuart said. “[It’s] the vibe you get off of a decent run, because you know where to start when you come back the next day. If we left off at a certain part, you take that point and start there and keep getting better and better and building off of that. So, I felt very positive that we are going in the right direction.”

The next contest is Oct. 14. Stuart said the band has a good chance at doing well.

“If we do the things we need to do, we’ll finish in the top three,” Stuart said. “If we do all the minor things were supposed to do as far as the music and marching and props and then the whole package, that we’ll finish in the top three this weekend.”

Assistant band director John Loanzon also has high hopes for future competitions.

“I’m going to go on the record and say we’re going to go to finals,” Loanzon said. “I’m confident that we’re going to finals. Overall, I feel like the contest was a success. All the band directors I talked to were pleased with how it was run.”