More than a work of art

Art Club donates paintings to Friendship Center


Breanan Cranford

Art Club delivers paintings to the Friendship Center in hopes of creating a better atmosphere. Art Club is currently selling candy to raise money to participate in a competition.

Story by Victoria Van, entertainment editor

Art Club members delivered a multitude of paintings to the Friendship Center in downtown Texarkana after actively working since the beginning of October.

Efforts toward manifesting the club’s success were garnered from the members’ dedication and willingness to create art in order to help the Friendship Center decorate their walls.

“I think it was a special opportunity for our students to give back,” sponsor Shea Phillips said. “The director at the center was very appreciative, and it was rewarding for everyone. Art Club members enjoyed seeing the project through till the end to help their community.”

Paintings ranging from waterfalls, landscapes to positive portraits were created by members. Each painting resonated with the positive atmosphere that the center exhibited.

“I really enjoyed being able to make something that would inspire someone else or just brighten their day while still helping the community,” junior Jenna Mitchell said.

Ultimately the goal of the project succeeded as Art Club is searching for additional projects to participate in to give back to the community.  

“I feel like doing community projects give students an excellent way to channel their creativity while helping make their communities a better place,” Phillips said. “Going forward, Art Club is excited to participate in more community service projects like this.”