Mu Alpha Theta inducts new members


Rivers Edwards

Texarkana College President James Henry Russell gives his presentation to the new inductees

Story by Celeste Anderson, editor in chief

On Tuesday, Mu Alpha Theta held it’s annual induction ceremony in the Performing Arts Center on the Texas High campus. This event honors students who excel in mathematics; they must have completed two years of college preparatory mathematics and be in their third mathematics class with the same requirements, and they must maintain a 3.0 math grade point average.

“It is an absolute honor to be inducted because you have to have the grades, and not only do you have to have the grades, but you have to exceptional grades in mathematics, and you have to go above and beyond,” Mu Alpha Theta sponsor Amanda Wood said. “You have to do community service and put those extra hours in, and you have to lift people up, help them up as well, and I think being inducted is just such a great honor.”

During the ceremony, Texarkana College President James Henry Russell gave a presentation stressing that each student inducted is special, and they go above the minimal educational requirements. He also emphasized the importance of recognizing that movement does not always mean a person is going anywhere; to excel professionally, people must not be afraid of taking risks, even if such risks result in failure.

“Being in Mu Alpha Theta means that a student is doing something extra,” Russell said. “It says a lot about a student’s character in this very busy world that they’re taking the extra time and effort to do this. It also says that they’re very intelligent and they’re working very hard to get a certain status, so it impresses me to see the students that are interested in [Mu Alpha Theta].”

Inductees also seem to be excited for the year ahead and to be with a group of students who share their interests.

“[Being inducted is] definitely a great opportunity because it unites you with some of the other educated people of the math section in the school and it gives you lots of opportunities to help the community,” sophomore Reed Russell said. “I’m excited to just become better at what [I’m] doing and to also get a lot of college opportunities in the future.”