Winter Guard sweeps first competition


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Story by Misty Lopez, feature editor

“Ladies and gentlemen, here to perform ‘Circle Song Six’ is the Texas High Winter Guard.”

Hearts are beating. Flashes of practices cross their minds, reflecting how hard they’ve worked for this moment as they anxiously wait for their music to start.

The music plays, and the magic begins.

The Texas High Color Guard performed their first Winter Guard show entitled “Circle Song Six” on Feb. 3 at Alvarado High School. From having all day rehearsals to learning tough choreography, the guard started off the season strong and are working hard to get better each day.

“In addition to strengthening our basic flag and rifle fundamentals, we have focused on ballet and dance basics to help with our body movement for our Winter Guard show. We also had an intense choreography camp with our choreographer to learn the entire show before Christmas,” Color Guard sponsor and instructor Kara Compton said. “Once school started back in January, we have practiced every day in fifth period and two days after school. We focus on specific sections of the show or specific skills and have a goal for each rehearsal. This daily focus has helped us clean many aspects of our show and to focus on the details that will set us apart from the competition.”

Commitment and dedication are involved in order for these guard members to reach their full potential, but sometimes they are faced with obstacles that they need to overcome to reach those goals.

“I know that we all think that practice is too much of our time taken from doing homework and other things. Our mindset just isn’t all the way on top, but when it’s showtime, you see a whole different character,” Color Guard captain Harmony Mothershed said.

The Texas High Color Guard performed their first Winter Guard show entitled ‘Circle Song Six’ on Feb. 3 at Alvarado High School.

— Lopez

Although many hardships got in the way, such as show decisions for the choreographer and time management for the members, it did not stop them from scoring and placing very well in their first competition.

“The THS Winter Guard did amazing. These nine members work so hard and really earned their superior scores today. They came in first place in their round with a score of 76.83. Since they scored above a 72, they were promoted to the next division up, which is Regional A,” Compton said. “I am so proud of them. They also performed the entire show with all of the choreography and no alterations. This is a huge feat in itself. Many guards do not know their entire show in time for the first performance so we were very proud that we could perform the full show.”

Everyone worked together as a team, including the members, the instructors and the tarp crew. Through this strong effort, success was obtained.

“We did our absolute best. I believe this is better than last year with the group we have for this year. It’s also incredible how, in our first competition, we made first place and are moving up to Regional A. Huge thanks to Mrs. Compton and our choreographer Geoffery Sperling,” Mothershed said.

This has set a solid foundation for the future Winter Guard teams, and the THS Color Guard in general. The THS Winter Guard will be attending other competitions, as well as performing an exhibition for their parents and friends soon.

“The success from today’s competition is a huge accomplishment and milestone for these students and our program. This is only the second year for THS to compete in the Winter Guard circuit and they have worked hard, they have improved and have had a ton of success in a short amount of time. I am so proud of them and I look forward to an amazing season,” Compton said. “Our next competition is Friday, Feb. 23 at Chisholm Trail High School.”