It’s a sweet thing

Texas High’s Dessert Theater proves to be another success


Racheal Sizemore

Seniors Colton Johnson and Laiken McKay dance together in the senior dance, “Shake Your Groove Thing.”

Story by Anna Grace Jones, staff writer

On Sunday, Feb. 25, Texas High Student Council put on its annual Dessert Theater. The event was comprised of a variety of performances from members of the organization.

The show highlighted the widespread talents of dancers and singers in combination with comedic numbers throughout the night. The contrast between the acts kept the audience entertained and excited for everything to come.

“I thought it went really well, and I was really pleased with everything,” sponsor Susan Waldrep said. “Dress rehearsals are always special and make you worry, but I was very happy with the overall success of [Dessert] Theater. Everybody brought their A-game for the show.”

Dessert Theater serves as one of Student Council’s major fundraisers throughout the year. It provides funds for service projects and community outreach that serve as the basis of the club. This year a major focus has been the state convention for the Texas Association of Student Councils in which Texas High will act as the conference coordinator school. As a new aspect of the event, senior boys competed for the title of “Mr. Dessert Theater” in which they collected money from the audience to go toward service projects at the convention.

“The money we raised through ticket sales doesn’t go toward state projects, but the donations gained from the Mr. [Dessert] Theater contest will be able to fund the majority of the service projects at state,” senior Cameron Tarpley said. “We raised around $2500, and I’m so happy that we were able to collect so much.”

The opportunity to partake in Dessert Theater doesn’t just benefit the council as a whole, but it also gives students a chance to get further involved in the club and the student body.

[Dessert Theater] provides funds for service projects and community outreach that serve as the basis of the club.

— Jones

“This was my first time to be in [Dessert] Theater because I am a freshman, and it was a completely new experience for me,” freshman Janie Rounds said. “I had a lot of fun being able to get more involved with other grades and students. I had never really performed on a stage before, so doing that was really cool for me.”

With a shorter time frame for preparation compared to previous years, the students had to work much harder and more often in order to deliver a performance that met the standard they were expected to reach.

“We normally start rehearsals before Christmas break, but I think this year we started a little over a month before [the show]. We had to practice a lot more often to get dances to come together,” junior Sarah Rogers said. “We finally got everything to come together right before [Dessert] Theater, and it was so much better than we expected.”

Student Council has been hosting Dessert Theater for years, and with every show, they bring something new to the table to add an element of surprise and originality to what has become a classic event. As it continues on as Student Council tradition, it becomes a trademark of Texas High as well.

“We’re one of the only schools in the area that does anything like [Dessert] Theater, and that makes us really unique,” Rogers said. “Everyone knows it now and comes to watch, and it’s really cool to be a part of that.”