Stunned at Student Television Network

TigerVision members win best director, trip to Russia at STN competition


TigerVision students celebrate with juniors Kaden Lloyd and Colton Capps after they won the Best Director award at the Student Television Network Competition in Nashville, TN, and select TigerVision students won a trip to travel to Moscow, Russia, in an exchange program to make videos. Submitted Photo

Story by April Alvarado, staff writer

Four TigerVision students will travel to Moscow, Russia to attend and film the 2018 FIFA World Cup this summer after they sent in a video to enter into a student exchange contest and won. 

Juniors Colton Capps, Briley Court, Abbott Lawrence and Kaden Lloyd will also collaborate with Russian students to create video packages the next following school year as a part of the exchange program. TigerVision learned of these achievements while at the annual Student Television Network (STN) Competition on March 13.

“This was my first year attending STN, so I did not expect to win anything,” Capps said. “I have never been out of the country, so I’m really excited in going to Russia. This trip will affect us a great deal, [and while we are there], we are going to collaborate with the Russians every month [by] making stories and packages with them. It’s going to be really great.”

TigerVision members competed in the Film Excellence Awards, which consist of many categories, but TigerVision sent a video to compete in Mr. Acting in which juniors Colton Capps and Kaden Lloyd won the Best Director award.

“About six weeks ago, they sent the video in, and we totally forgot all about it,” TigerVision director Charles Aldridge said. “We actually misunderstood and didn’t think it had even placed, and then we got there and found out. ‘Oh, you won Best Director,’ so we were very excited about it.”

TigerVision members remain dedicated and committed during competition season but say that they can always find room for improvement.

“Definitely things we need to work on are practice and teamwork,” senior Shelby Reed said. “Just knowing what we can do [about] every little detail that the competition presents and to make sure that we have everything planned out [helps]. The awards that we won have set new standards in TigerVision that we try to meet every year, and it makes us create better content.”

It will be exciting to see the cultural gaps that there are between us.”

— Kaden Lloyd

Although setting high standards as a whole team helps everyone improve their dedication and endurance throughout the competition, setting standards individually allows members to target their specific weaknesses.

“What I can do personally to win more awards next year is to practice more,” Capps said. “I definitely need to search how to make better graphics, better transitions and better special effects to make the story noteworthy.”

Winning the trip to Russia not only will give the TigerVision members an experience of a lifetime, but will also provide them with an array of opportunities for their future. 

“I hope this trip and collaboration will further my career for college so I can get into a better school, because this is a huge opportunity to do so,” junior Kaden Lloyd said. “It will be exciting to see the cultural gaps that there are between us. I’m also super excited in going to the FIFA World Cup and getting interviews and doing things that I love doing.”