Taking initiative through marching

National Day of Action yearns for gun reformation


Protestors take to marching on April 20, to demonstrate a collective longing for gun reformation. Photo from Creative Commons

Story by Emma Anderson, staff writer


Nikolas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14 at 2:21 p.m. and fatally shot 17 people. The shooting ended at 2:28 p.m., but the echoes of the gunshots are still heard today.

Since the shooting, rallies, speeches, and movements have been created to stop school violence and to impose stricter laws on gun control. The movement “March For Our Lives” has surfaced to end gun violence, specifically in schools. Overall, the “March for our Lives” rally attracted approximately 800,000 people. The movement has three main ideals: pass a law to to ban assault weapons, stop the sale of high-capacity magazines to restrict the amount of ammunition and close loopholes in background checks and place laws that require a background check for every gun purchase.

One of the most recent and widespread is the National Day of Action which took place on April 20. The movement highlights the importance of ending gun violence and the importance of feeling safe at school.

A statement published on actionnetwork.com states, “Inspired by the courageous young people in Parkland, Florida and across the nation, students, parents, educators, school staff, administrators and community allies join together on April 20 for the National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools. Together, we will take up the students’ call of ‘no more.’

No more children murdered in school. No more parents sending a child to school who never comes home. No more teachers, coaches, principals, librarians or any school staff standing between students and a gunman. No more.”

The NPE, or the Network for Public Education, invites people, schools and staff everywhere to wear orange on April 20 and to stand in solidarity to demand action against gun control. Some of the actions that the NPE supports are banning assault weapons and large capacity machines, universal background checks, revising and tightening the restrictions of purchasing a gun and raising the law to purchase a gun to 21 years, federal funding for school security measures and awareness and prevention programs.

The National Day of Action advocates the importance of people taking action against gun violence anyway that they can. The movement is asking for community involvement and a plea for the leaders of America to take action and find ways to change and ensure that there is no more violence in schools or anywhere.