Chick-fil-A renovating

Popular fried chicken restaurant to temporarily close over summer


The standalone Chick-fil-A on Richmond Rd will be temporarily closed over the summer due to renovations. Customers have complained in the past about the lack of space in the restaurant’s parking lot. photo from Creative Commons

Story by Greylyn Tidwell, copy editor

The standalone Chick-fil-A on Richmond Rd. will be closing this summer to renovate the building. This renovation will allow the restaurant to help allow more people to be served at a time and update some outdated material. Until the remodel is over, the Chick-fil-A in the Central Mall of Texarkana is prepared to accommodate the extra chicken-loving customers.

“It’s probably going to be in part of August and part of September,” manager of the Central Mall Chick-fil-A Laura Miller said. “ And from what I understand it, it will be anywhere from four to six weeks just depending on how much [the renovators] do.”

Many Chick-fil-A customers hope that the renovation will allow the restaurant to be laid out more efficiently since many have complained that the limited space outside creates a hectic rush during lunch and rush hour times.

“It can be anything from just remodeling part of the kitchen to adding some parking or adding more drive-thru lane,” Miller said.

The Central Mall Chick-fil-A reassures standalone Chick-fil-A employees that they will not be forgotten during this time of transition.

“Any team members that work there that wish to come [work] over here are absolutely welcome. We will definitely need at least twice as many as we have now to keep up with [demand].” Miller said. “Even after that, when people [continue to] use our curbside delivery service at this location, we will be hiring some new team members of our own to keep up with that demand that we have outside.”

While a definite date for the closing of the standalone Chick-fil-A has not been released, many Chick-fil-A fans are trying to get as much chicken as they can before it closes.

“I really like Chick-fil-A,” sophomore Nadia Fryer said. “Their chicken is good and they have great service.”