Folkin’ around

Cultural festival to be held Nov. 9-11


Cameron Murry

Beavers Bend State Park is hosting a festival and craft show. People from the Texarkana area participated in the past.

Story by Cameron Murry, staff writer

Beavers Bend State Park is located in McCurtain County in southeast Oklahoma. It is home to a  vast number of cabins and vacation hot spots.

McCurtain County is about two hours from Texarkana, making it an easily accessible and reasonable distance to travel.

The driving distance to Beavers Bend from Texarkana is less than 100 miles. This short distance is just another reason to make the easy day trip.

Every year, the state park holds a Folk Festival and Craft Show where various talents from the region are displayed and handmade items are sold. The hard-working vendors exhibit their talents by making items right in front of guests, including them in the experience.

Early and Native American culture are very prominent at the festival, making it a learning experience for guests that attend. Arrowheads, traditional music and the park’s museum are just a few examples of how these native elements are exhibited at the fest.

There will be a variety of foods at the festival, from kettle corn to turkey legs. The event will also feature homemade drinks and fall favorites, like cider and rootbeer.

Beavers Bend State Park is full of picturesque scenery and fall backdrops this time of year. It’s a great place to photograph and experience nature. With the upcoming festival, there will be plenty of snapshot moments to capture.

The traditional music and native elements make the annual event even more interesting. There will be traditional flutes and bagpipes heard throughout the festival, along with the fiddle. Music is an important part of native culture, making the intricate sounds an experience of their own.

Artifacts and cultural crafts are also showcased at the event. Vendors at the festival can be seen not only selling items, but making them, as well.

Whether you are a foodie, photographer, musician or just appreciate nature and culture, the Beavers Bend Folk Festival and Craft Show just might be the place for you on Nov. 9, 10 and 11 this year.