Scenery on a grand scale

Art Club paints mural for Hospice of Texarkana

Story by Victoria Van, editor in chief

Varieties of colors cover the wall. Flowers meticulously line the outside with a mixture of nature scenery. Purple and blue tints complement the surrounding area. This is the visionary piece the Art Club designed.

The club volunteered to paint a mural in the staff break room of the Hospice of Texarkana. The mural was inspired by nature and designed in honor of Grace Comer. Art Club incorporated Comer’s mural sketch in hopes of memorializing her by implementing her love of art in the project. A group of students visited the location for a day to sketch out the design and begin painting.

“We wanted to make sure that the outlining was close to the initial sketch,” senior Maryanne Garcia said. “Yet, we did start making executive decisions to fit around certain items such as a locker along the wall.”

Senior McKenzie Brown utilized her time by planning with the group in order to ensure the success of the project.

“We were focused on capturing the beauty of nature in the mural because it gives the entire room a lighter, more hopeful mood for the employees that work in such proximity to (hospice) cases in which many people lose hope for,” Brown said.

Students discovered different approaches to designing their portion of the mural, namely specific details such as the nature aspects.

“I’m trying to draw unique flowers that stands out. I’m going to use bright colors,” senior Hannah Klein said. “The individuals that work at the hospice center have to deal with a lot and seeing the brighter colors will hopefully make their day a little bit better.”

The goal of the Art Club participating in the project is to demonstrate their volunteer skills, artistry and commitment to honor Grace Comer.

“We want to make sure Grace is memorialized in a positive manner and bring happiness to the staff that will be seeing the mural on a daily basis,” Klein said.