Welcome to the hall of fame

Brewer receives posthumous award


Photo by Caden Rainwater

Lisa Brewer stands in front of fans at Fox Fan Fest Texarkana. She accepted her husband’s award of induction into the fox fan fest hall of fame.

Story by Caden Rainwater, sports editor

How can one truly honor someone that holds the title of not only a coach but a role model? Some would argue that it’s impossible to honor such a person in a way that fully puts on display how large of an impact and how many lives were touched through the life of this individual.

Golf coach Jay Brewer was a man that had such an easy way of impacting students’ lives. He was blessed with the opportunity to coach students from middle school to their senior year of high school and through this opportunity, he became a great role model to every golfer that passed through.

Brewer passed away June 5, due to heart-related complications. As an attempt to honor the famed coach to many, Brewer was inducted into the Fox Fan Fest Hall of Fame on Aug. 17.

“I’m excited to see Brewer getting inducted because it shows everyone, not just the golf team, who he really was,” junior Graci Henard said. “We got to truly know him, but few others got the chance.”

During the event, there to accept Brewer’s induction was his wife who gave a heartwarming speech of who her husband was and how his impact on others was so evident. As a memoir to her husband, she ended the induction with a final wish of good luck to all golfers with their future rounds.

“This year we will fight harder than ever for Jay,” junior Carter Maneth said. “Because each of his players knew that Jay was so much more than just a coach.”