Peter Pan to the PAC

Spring musical to be held this weekend


Peyton Sims

Junior Cate Rounds flies through the air as Peter Pan during dress rehearsal. This is the first time that Tiger Theater has had the opportunity to use a flying harness in a show.

Story by Peyton Sims, culture editor

This upcoming weekend, Peter Pan will be soaring to the PAC featuring the Tiger Theatre department. The cast has been hard at work for the past few months with back to back rehearsals morning and nights. The play will be Jan. 24-26 in Performing Arts Center. There will be a 7 p.m. showing Friday and Saturday and a 2 p.m. showing on Sunday. 

For the seniors in the theater department, “Peter Pan” will be their last high school play. While their heart’s ache at the thought of closing the curtains for the last time, they want to make their last play better than any other. 

“I’ve always loved ‘Peter Pan,’ and I’m so excited to do it for my senior musical. My favorite character as a kid was Wendy Darling, and I would always dress up as her. Peter Pan was my first imaginary friend, so I have a really personal connection to the show,” senior Addison Cross said. “This all makes my last show so much more special, especially since I’ll be able to play Wendy Darling. I can’t believe my last character in the musical is the first character I’ve ever loved.” 

The show involves a new technique in order to portray the effect of Peter Pan flying through the sky, a flying harness. Many safety requirements have been implemented to ensure protection of the cast as well as putting on a unique play.

“I’m playing Peter Pan in the upcoming musical,” junior Cate Rounds said. “It’s been really fun playing this character because he’s so iconic to so many people and everyone knows who Peter Pan is. It’s been fun playing him because he’s very arrogant, cocky and he’s very confident in himself. It’s been fun being a girl playing a male character because it’s not something you see everyday. I’ve been flying for a couple days now and it was not what I was expecting. I do have a couple bruises from the harness, but once you’re up in the air, it’s so magical.”

With the play being only a few more days away, the cast has been scrambling to get the play perfect. The theater department from going over lines, dress rehearsal, finishing set pieces, testing mics and having late practices until 9 p.m.

Photo by Peyton Sims
Senior Addison Cross and junior EmmaGrace Kuhl do their makeup in preparation for dress rehearsal. Peter Pan will be held Friday-Sunday in the Performing Arts Center.

“Rehearsals at the beginning were sparse, but I became more involved later on. Rehearsals focus on blocking and placement of set because of the flight system involved and safety requirements. Preparing for this role was somewhat difficult because of the time period. We had to learn about how they talked, treated people, even how they walked,” said junior Mason Smallwood, who’s playing Mr. Darling. “I enjoy doing rehearsals and working with my fellow actors and building relationships with the cast. So much work has been put in to ‘Peter Pan,’ so I know it’s going to be great.” 

For those who come to support family, friends or are just looking for a weekend activity, this production will bring you along through Neverland.  

“Our biggest struggle has been not having enough time to get the play together. We can only rehearse a certain amount of time before the play, and I feel like we could rehearse another month,” theater director Lisa Newton said. “This play will be terrific and magical so everyone should come see it. [The cast] takes you through Neverland and you get to see Captain Hook, Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and more. ‘Peter Pan’ is a magical adventure that’s family friendly, it’s perfect for everybody.”