A season of giving

Salvation Army celebrates over 40 years of Angel Tree


EmmaGrace Kuhl

The Salvation Army Angel Tree sits in the middle of Central Mall. Donations will be accepted through Friday, Dec. 11.

Story by Bailey Hawkins, advertisement editor

For children, the magic of the holidays begins with the story of Santa Claus and the anticipation of seeing gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. But due to COVID-19, more than 20.6 million Americans have filed for unemployment relief, seven out of every 10 Americans have polled that this holiday season is “more difficult than normal.”

Many people have taken up extra hours at work or seasonal jobs just for the opportunity to buy gifts this year. Parents across the country need help more than ever to provide their children with an unforgettable Christmas. 

For over 40 years, Salvation Army has partnered with businesses across the country hosting their annual Angel Tree. The Angel Tree is responsible for donating gifts to families that cannot afford to buy their own. 

This money will help buy gifts for the person we’ve adopted from the Angel Tree.

— Theater Director, Lisa Newton

The Salvation Army recruits members of the community every year that sign up to sponsor a child from their area. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to buy gifts for the specific child and return them to the Angel Tree where they are taken by the staff and distributed to the children’s parents the week before Christmas. This allows for the parents to wrap these gifts and give them to their children on Christmas day, continuing the tradition and giving their children a day full of smiles.


Texarkana’s Angel Tree is located at Central Mall’s south entry past Dillard’s. Although the last day to officially adopt an angel was Dec. 1, the Salvation Army Angel Tree is accepting donations until Friday, Dec. 11. These donations will go directly toward buying gifts for kids that were not adopted this season. 

It’s easy to see the good in helping with such a noble goal; so much so, that organizations in the school are recognizing what they can do to help. The Tiger Theatre Company is an organization in our school participating in the Angel Tree program. 

“We’re asking everyone in our Thespian Club to donate $5 or more to help,” Theater Director Lisa Newton said.

This experience, through encouraging charity, might be as helpful to those students giving as those receiving. And, according to Newton, it will be an eye opening experience. 

“For the most part, my students have so much, and it’s hard for them to understand that there are lots of people that don’t have as much as they do,” Newton said. “This is just a way to have them give back and help those who need a good Christmas.”