This little piggy went home

Annual rivalry game canceled, resulting in student disappointment



During the 2018 Texas v. Arkansas game Texas High Varsity football players attempt to break out of an opposing teammate’s grasp to make it into the end zone. The Texas High Tigers played the Arkansas Razorbacks on September 8, 2018.

Story by Doug Kyles, Editor-In-Chief

What’s more “Texas High” than bacon fry? Than Tiger Football? Than Spirit Days? 

It seems that the very heart of Texas High is in its traditions, and it’s this that makes the news that the annual rivalry game was canceled due to a recent rise in COVID-19 cases particularly disappointing.

The Texarkana Arkansas School District released a press release to cancel the game, including details on why local health authorities are advising against the event.

“We respect the decision,” said Tina Veal-Gooch, TISD Chief Communications Officer. “Unfortunately, we are greatly disappointed for our fans and for the high school students who so love this annual tradition and the spirit week memories that come with it.”

The game’s cancellation struck a chord with many students, who have already lost the tradition to COVID once before. Last year, an alternative baseball game was held to make up for the inability to celebrate in the fall. There are alternatives being planned this year as well. 

“Our athletic department is moving forward with finding us a new opponent to fill the Sept. 3 game spot,” Veal-Gooch said. 

The Texas High Student Council, who plans the week’s festivities, were naturally disappointed with the decision, but plan to move forward with alternative festivities.

“I think we have a great opportunity,” STUCO adviser Susan Waldrep said. “We’re going to make a choice, and this will define us. We’re going to say ‘We have more school spirit! We’re going to turn this around!’ I’m all for keeping this bacon fry.”

There is optimism among those in preparation for the event, whatever it may end up looking like. 

“Coach Stanford is diligently seeking another team, but that’s really hard with a one week notice,” Waldrep said. “We’re going to do something, whether it’s a powderpuff game or something else. We’re going to have something on that Friday night, and we are not going to let this define our season.”