Rabbit on the run

“The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” earns fourth place at UIL One Act Play competition


Lizzie Debenport

Sophomore Tyler Unger as Bull, senior Dane Bullock as Edward Tulane and sophomore Riley White as Lucy travel together during a scene in “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.”

Story by Gracie Tucker, Staff Writer

Bright lights shine down as sweat glistens on their foreheads. The announcer calls the name of the show about to be performed for the first time. Nerves are all over the place as the clock starts, and they have 40 minutes to perform without a second more.

The cast will host a public performance of “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” on Tuesday, March 8 at 7 p.m. Tickets can be acquired at the door or online at ttcths.booktix.com for free.

Tiger Theatre Company’s show for UIL One Act Play this year was “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane,” a show about a china rabbit named Edward Tulane who learns how to love as he goes through adventures and encounters multiple caring people.

The competition was March 4, with the team as a whole taking home fourth place. This makes them the alternate play for the bi-district competition. 

“I will never forget leaving that auditorium and not advancing. However, it just makes me want to grow as an actor and do better.”

– sophomore Tyler Unger

Placing individually in the category of all-star cast were senior Beth Dietze and sophomore Tyler Unger. Riley White received honorable mention all-star cast, and senior Stephanie Jumper earned the tech honor crew award.

Many performers had to play several different parts, with every actor portraying at least two characters over the course of the story. This challenged the actors to give their all for each character they played.

“I had six different characters all with different silhouettes, voices, backgrounds and costumes,” Unger said. “The most difficult part about portraying them was the quick costume changes because I only had seconds to get in a character’s headspace.”

The technical crew took home the outstanding tech award, making it Tiger Theatre Company’s third year in a row earning the accolade at the district competition. Sophomore Carly Hickerson, the show’s stage manager, accepted the award.

“The first thing I remember is hugging [director] Mrs. Flieder because I was so excited,” Hickerson said. “Then, I ran up on stage. It was a really good moment.”

As it is with all plays, the students and director spent countless hours perfecting the production. For many hours every day, many memorable moments were made between cast members.

“I spent so much time with the cast creating memories I’ll never forget,” White said. “I’m thankful for everyone who worked so hard on the show.” 

Come and support Tiger Theatre Company as they perform their show for the public, and see the emotional nature of the play through the actors and technicians who were proud to make this story come to life.

“This is probably the best show I’ve ever been a part of. I will never get tired of the story and it’s genuinely so beautiful,” White said. “I’m so proud of our whole cast for everything we’ve worked so hard on.”