What’s the (teacher’s) tea?

Rosebuds Junior Garden Club holds their annual luncheon for the Texas High staff


Photo by Anna Haley

Sophomores Kynlee Flippen and Abby Sewell help set up for the Annual Teacher’s Tea. The Tea is a tradition of the Rosebud’s Junior Garden Club as a way to give back to the teachers of Texas High.

Story by Oviya Justin and Anna Haley

In the midst of the first semester ending, the Rosebud’s Junior Garden Club held their annual Teacher’s Tea on Dec. 7, 2022,  to show their appreciation for TISD employees and their hard work and dedication to our school. 

It was a large project, with work going into every aspect of the event.

“We had to plan absolutely everything,” said Trisha Patel, senior and Vice President of the Teacher’s Tea. “Down to decorating, getting the ornaments made and what food we wanted to do. It was a lot.” 

The Rosebuds Teacher’s Tea Committee, along with various girls involved in the club, planned many other aspects of the tea. 

“We had to split assignments by grades,” Patel said. “I had to reach out to parents and teachers to help us with other things.” 

Although much of the food was made by the Rosebuds, other parts of Texas High chipped in.

“The culinary department helped us a lot,” Patel said. “They provided us with a lot of our main dishes for the event.”

The THS Rosebuds not only planned the event, but served the staff as well. The event included food, drinks, hand-made Christmas ornaments and a fun environment for the staff. 

“The Teacher’s Tea had a really great atmosphere this year,” English teacher Kara Wicks said. “I loved the music and the decor. The flowers in particular were beautiful and the food was delicious.” 

The overall feel for the tea was joyous and inviting to accommodate for the crazy days staff may experience, and although its short-term purpose is to create a place for staff to enjoy themselves on their lunch break, it also has a long-term purpose. 

“I think that the teacher’s saw that they were appreciated for their work throughout the year,” Rosebuds sponsor Dolores Schandua said. “It’s just a time to reflect and help the Rosebuds express their gratitude.”