Beyond art

New Age of Technology collides with the methods of old


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Story by Nicholas Spivey, Staff Writer

Art is a broad topic, for it has no real definition. Paintings. Sculpting. Drawings. They all have their own physique. But is there a limit on what contributes to the beauty of this world?

In Colorado, Jason Allen submitted an AI Generated image for an artwork competition and won 1st place. Now, artists are furious and professionals are being called into question of what is truly art.  

“I’m not going to apologize for it,” Allen said. “I won, and I didn’t break any rules.”

The community, after being turned into a battlefield, has been split into two categories: one who accepts the art for its beauty, and one who denies it for its lack of effort. 

“I do not acknowledge that his artwork is true art. He didn’t put his mind of creativity and effort into it,” Texarkana Art Gallery owner Georgia Hubnik said. 

Although some have recognized his nobility and his valiant efforts into making a new era. 

“He follows a long history of artists that have challenged the system. Art has changed humanity several times already,”  art teacher Shea Phillips said.

The younger generations at our school have been taking our graphic design class,—a form of digital art similar to AI art—but the question of effort has always been asked to these students and teachers. 

“If they were to allow AI artwork, they should have it put into another category,” sophomore Jayden Manly said.

Art has changed humanity several times already.

— Shea Phillips

The heated topic of digital and AI art being recognized has always been a struggle, however, we have made several gains within the decade.

“If he made it himself, then it should be fair,” Sophomore Evan Wyche said. “But if he made it using the AI Discord App then no. You have to put effort and skill into the artwork.” 

Artwork should be judged by its meaning and not by a questioning of effort. The beauty of art has always been dear to Texas High, and we should not discriminate against it. The digital art class has always been with TISD to the core.

“I think that digital art should be put on the same pedestal as other forms of art,” graphic design teacher Cindy Snell said. “We as TISD have come a long way from when we started. I think that social media has helped put the venue out.” 

Now, digital art and design has become one of the most popular forms of activity for our schools, with the help of social media pages and advertisements.

Although they still have a long way to go, graphic design and digital art has a golden opportunity in places like Texas High.