Volleyball team shows ‘lots of potential’

Story by Julia Hurlburt, Staff Writer

Volleyball this year brings new players, lots of potential and high hopes. With the loss of seven seniors from last year, the varsity team had to rebuild. New players include Riden Reiter, Tyler Autrey, Alexis Burns, Montira Aldridge, Samone Campbell, and Brandi Loudermilk.

Junior Naomi Larson believes that the team will have to work hard.

“The coach says we have a lot of potential,” Larson said. “I think it will be a good year, all the team members get along. All we need to work on is stepping up and playing the game we know how to play. Then I know we can come out with wins.”

Along with the hope for our refreshed varsity team, there are high hopes for the incoming ninth grade team.

“We have some pretty strong players on the ninth grade team,” sophomore Riden Reiter said. “The junior varsity team also holds plenty of promise.”

With the season coming up, preparation is vital. The teams have been having two-a-day practices since the first of August and have had several scrimmages.

However, with the new players, lots of potential and high hopes, we know our Lady Tigers can, as Naomi says, “Come out with wins!”