Tiger Ticket: Taking on AHS

Tiger Ticket: Taking on AHS

Senior Urian Nevels carries the ball in the game against Jacksonville. The Tigers defeated Jacksonville 31-6 Sept. 2 at Tiger Stadium.

Story by Dawson McGonagill, Staff Writer

This is the Tiger Ticket with scores and news on the latest and upcoming events in Tiger sports.


The Tiger football team crushed the Jacksonville Jaguars this past Friday night. Our Tigers won 31-6 with a strong defense and offense. Jalen Jones had two interceptions on Jacksonville’s Quarterback, Andrew Black. Shelby Davis had a 51-yard touchdown interception followed later in the game by Tristan Smith with a 42-yard touchdown interception. Trevon Gooden led the Tigers defense with 10 tackles and followed closely by Anthony Rhone with nine tackles on the night. Urian Nevels was 147 yards on 26 carries in replace of Travis Turner at tailback. Blake McCown also had a touchdown run in the second quarter and a touchdown pass by Addison Porter to Trey Rush in the fourth, led the Tigers to a victory.

On another note, Nevels made the Texarkana Gazette’s City Players of the Week board for a second week in a row. Joining him this week were Gooden and Stanley for their play in Friday’s game.

The junior varsity team tied their game against Arkansas High on Tuesday with a 14-14 score.

“Going into the fourth quarter, the score was 14-6; we were winning,” sophomore Clayton Shores said, “so we did great, but we needed to finish stronger than that.”

Although they tied, it wasn’t a loss so the winning streak continues.

“We did a great job,” junior Drake Welch said. “We plan on doing better next week.”


In other sports, the Lady Tigers lost to the Liberty Eylau Leopards, 25-21, 25-21,19-25, 25-12, Tuesday night in the Rader Dome. The varsity volleyball players describe what went wrong.

“We went four games when we should’ve [gone] five, because they beat us the first two games that we shouldn’t have lost,” freshman Jallissa Trotter said.

Trotter said that the games would have gone much better if they’d closed more blocks and done a little better on the simple stuff.

“We [also] could have talked more and played more as a team,” Trotter said.

They are now preparing for their first district game against Sulphur Springs at 4:30 p.m. today in Tiger Center.


Varsity tennis held Lindale to only three out of 19 matches, scoring a win Tuesday afternoon in Lindale. Sophomore Kyle Kennedy describes their strengths and weaknesses.

“We have a really good girls’ team, but our guys’ team is kind of weaker than last year because we lost five seniors,” Kennedy said. “Lindale, I don’t know that they really have a strong point; they’re just kind of decent on both sides.”

Tennis plays Tyler Lee and Longview Saturday. Tune in next week to see how that turns out.


Our Tiger golfers played a dual match against Arkansas High Wednesday at Northridge Country Club. Sophomore Stephen Vaughan tells how the match went.

“It went all right; I didn’t play my best, but I could’ve played worse,” Vaughan said. “I missed three pretty easy birdie putts and had three bogeys.”

We then asked how the tigers fared against Arkansas High.

“We did good, I’m sure everybody on the team can think of a way to do better,” Vaughan said. “I think we did great, and we beat Arkansas.”


Finally, the game everybody has waited 364 days out of the year for: the State Line rivalry between the Tigers and the Arkansas High Razorbacks. The most heart-pumping, friendship-breaking game of the year.

You have your Arkansas High fans and your Texas High fans–with the only thing separating them a football field. Each side has chosen their best candidates to go head-to-head in a heart tugging game of football. Everybody will be there watching and cheering for their team, but only one will come out victorious.

The Hogs haven’t beaten us in 11 years, and no one plans on breaking that streak. Come support your mighty Tigers as they take on the Hogs at 8 p.m. at Arkansas High’s stadium.