Tennis rankings spark sibling rivalry

Story by Katherine Doan, Staff Writer

Varsity tennis tryouts may have sparked some family rivalry. With two sets of siblings and a set of cousins all on the same team, each are trying to prove that they are the best.

On the girls’ side, freshman Anna Catherine Boudreaux has joined her sister, senior Mary Claire Boudreaux. On the boys’ side, junior Ben Norton has welcomed his brother, freshman John Norton, to the team. Cousins Patrick Smith, a sophomore, and freshman Carson Rommel are also vying against one another.

Mary Claire said playing her younger sibling has been hard.

“It’s more difficult than playing anyone else on the team,” Mary Claire said. “I know she deserves it more than me because she works harder than me, but it’s a family pride thing. I really want to beat her.”

For Anna Catherine, the team ranking process has been overwhelming.

“It’s nerve-wracking. She thinks that she should beat me all of the time because she’s older,” Anna Catherine said. “She told me she would challenge a ton of people just so she could beat me.”

Though his desire to beat his older brother is strong, John just tries to make sure he plays a strong game.

“It’s a good way to work on your mental game because if it’s solid when I play him, it’ll be solid everywhere else,” John said.

For the cousins, it’s just business as usual.

“I’m really excited about Carson being on the team with me this year because we have been playing together for so long,” Patrick said.

Though rankings change frequently, as of Tuesday, the are as follows:

Boys: 1. Kyle Kennedy, 2. Charlie Goins, 3. Braden May, 4. Patrick Smith, 5. Carson Rommel, 6. Ben Norton, 7. Aaron Murdock, 8. Matt Teeters, 9. Alex Frey, and 10. John Norton.

Girls: 1. Annie Tarwater, 2. Hannah Wren, 3. Wynne Tidwell, 4. Kirsten Weber, 5. Aubree Cramer, 6. Anna Catherine Boudreaux, 7. Caroline Smith, 8. Mary Claire Boudreaux, 9. Baylee McBride, and 10. Brianna Carmony.