Tigers predicted to come out on top


Players run out of the tunnel before last year’s rivalry game.

Story by By Taylor Potter and Robert Hoover, Sports Editor and Staff Writer

After years and years of demolishing the Arkansas High Razorbacks, you have to think that we will lose at some point. But it won’t be this year.

The Razorbacks have a bigger advantage than they have ever played before. They already have a game under their belt, the Tigers have yet to play a real game and Head Coach Barry Norton is implementing a new offense. However, this advantage will not be enough to bring Arkansas High to victory.

Physically, the Razorbacks are undersized. Their lineman, both offensive and defensive, are dwarfed by the Tiger “big boys.” Most of the Arkansas receivers are short and fast or tall with good hands. Unfortunately for the Razorbacks, Texas High’s players in the passing game and in the defensive secondary combine most of the attributes. Texas High’s physical advantage will play a huge part in the outcome.

The Razorbacks are going to have a lot of emotion coming in; perhaps too much. After coming up short to Texas High for such a long time, they will have heard taunts and jokes about the games that will likely make them play angry. Yes, anger can help a team, but too much can be detrimental.

After watching both teams in action, we can say with confidence that Texas High will win. They are faster, stronger and have come together well as a team. The new offense has come together beautifully. The defense is as strong as it has ever been. The team is very young and excited. Arkansas High, on the other hand, looked smaller, confused and overall less talented. They have been beaten up by the Tigers for so long, and it may have begun to take a toll. They are tired of fighting a losing battle.

Texas High will win this game, but that isn’t to say that the Razorbacks won’t put up a fight. Arkansas’ time will come, most likely pretty soon, but this just won’t be their year.

Our prediction: Texas High- 27 Arkansas High- 10