In the swing of things: Golfer looks to father for guidance

In the swing of things: Golfer looks to father for guidance

Golf instructor Geoff Jones checks his son’s swing during an afternoon practice.

Story by Madeline Hunley, Staff Writer

Growing up in the shadow of a professional golfer not only influenced freshman Grayson Jones into playing the sport, but made golf an everyday ordeal. The pressure of being a freshman on varsity is the least of his worries; pleasing his dad is a different story.

“I want to make him happy,” Grayson Jones said. “He has been in the same position, so he knows what I am going through.”

Having a professional coach as a father has its perks in the long run. With grades, school, and friends, golf can always be made more dependable with his father on his side.

“He has tons of experience,” Grayson Jones said. “The advice he gives really does make a difference and he can give show all the tools I need to be a great player.”

Grayson Jones feels golf has brought his dad closer in their relationship. The two would still be close without the sport, but it has made a difference over the years.

“I eat, breathe and sleep golf so I’m around him 24/7,” Grayson Jones said. “Not only is he my dad, he is my coach, so it’s kind of a two way relationship.”

Following the footsteps of his dad, Grayson Jones started to play when he was as young as two years old with the dream of becoming a professional golfer just like his father.

“He would put me in a stroller and I’d watch him hit balls for hours,” Grayson Jones said. “There is no place I’d rather be than at the range or course.”

Geoff Jones agrees that his son has improved tremendously over the years throughout his hard work and determination.

“He conducts himself on the course in tournaments much better than most 14 year old boys,” Geoff Jones said. “That is something he’s improved over the past year or so, and it really shows what a successful player he is.”

Rather than hanging out with friends and wasting time around the clock, Grayson always finds himself working on his golf game or spending time with his dad at the range.

“I feel at peace whenever I play,” Grayson said. “I look forward to heading to the course every day.”

The hopes are high for Grayson in the future and Geoff Jones couldn’t be more proud of the many accomplishments his son has achieved.

“He’s a good student, a polite young man, exhibits character and integrity, and is a good hearted person,” Geoff Jones said. “I just want him to be happy, those attributes are much more important to me than how good he is as a golfer.”

Grayson looks forward to the years to come on the golf team and is ready for the competition. Without his father’s guidance, he feels golf wouldn’t have impacted his life as much as it does now. In fact, golf might have not even been a priority to begin with.

“He is probably the only reason I started playing.”