Sophomore continues success on the court


Sophomore Chanell Hayes gives it her all, on and off the court.

Story by Ben Gladney, Staff Writer

Work Hard. Play Hard.

These are words that describe the student athlete on the court and classroom. The life of the student is difficult, but sophomore Chanell Hayes, a phenom on the volleyball court, sees the sport as a way to burn off steam.

“I play for the fun of the game; it helps me in so many ways,” Hayes said. “ It’s challenges me to work harder on and off the court.”

Every year brings new challenges for a student athlete, but no matter what comes, there’s a chance for new accomplishments.

“I hope to become All-District and MVP,” Hayes said. “I’ve challenged myself in the classroom to achieve the academic goals and standards that I have set for myself.”

Her talents have not gone unnoticed. Even as a sophomore, the coaches prepared her to excel.

“She’s a good athlete, she’s a good volleyball player,” Coach Melissa Trotter-Hardy said. “She’s one of our main passers and offensive players but, most of all, she is a leader.”

The game is important, but preparation is key to the game. Whether it’s from singing to dancing to putting on makeup, preparation is the moment when you step in that secret place.

“Well I have to make sure I have a ribbon and a headband on,” Hayes said. “I have to have my lip gloss on and put my spray on. If I don’t do those things I will not feel prepared.”

The very people around can set the tone of the game, whether the influence be good or bad.

“I play for my team but I’m motivated by my haters in every aspect of the game,” Hayes said. “This sport is my motivation for everything that I do”.