Tigers face tough competition for homecoming

Story by Taylor Potter, Sports Editor

Well, the chilly weather will certainly set the dreary mood tonight for homecoming when our Tigers set out to play the Mt. Pleasant Tigers.

This game will be a true test of character for Texas High fans.

Mt. Pleasant’s offense by outshines that of Texas. The opposing Tigers have had four games in which they scored 50 or more points. Their offense is dominant. Their defense, however, leaves a lot to be desired. If the Texas defense can hold off the Mt. Pleasant offense, our Tigers will have a chance.

Mt. Pleasant’s greatest offensive threat is their junior wide receiver KD Cannon. Cannon is 6’1” and was named an All-American this season. The receiver, who has received offers from big-time colleges like Texas, Baylor and Oklahoma, has the ability to shred the Texas High pass coverage. Keeping him in check will be a huge problem for our Tigers.

If we get in a shootout with Mt. Pleasant, we’ll lose. It’s plain and simple. Our inconsistent offense doesn’t have the firepower to keep up. The defense will win or lose this game. Texas High’s only chance is to limit Cannon’s receptions, get pressure on the quarterback and tackle well. If the defense plays to its potential, our Tigers have a chance.

Texas High’s offensive game plan needs to be similar to the one used against Pine Tree. The “power spread” running attack looked efficient and gave the offense an identity. Our offense is built to run the ball. If we stick to that and limit mistakes, we can compete.

Even though we have the talent to win, I don’t think we will. The Mt. Pleasant offense will be too much for our defense. Homecoming will be kicked off on a bad note.

My prediction: Texas High-17;  Mt.Pleasant- 41