Shirtless spirit: Swim team tries to bring life to student section


Members of the swim team carry on with tradition by painting their chests during the final home game of the season.

Story by Taylor Potter, Sports Editor

For the past few years, the swim team has been one of the most spirited groups in the student section. But for tonight’s game, the team took it to a whole new level– shirtless body painting.

“We just wanted to do something fun,” junior Zac Baker said. “I think it surprised everybody when we actually did it.”

The swimmers decided to pull the stunt in an effort to energize the lethargic student section.

“The student section has been dead recently,” Baker said. “Why not bring it alive?”

The team prepared for the game at Baker’s house. The painting took about an hour and a half to complete. The time, in large part, was due to some poor choices in paint type.

“We started off with spray paint,” senior Zack Derrick said. “We spray-painted Baker first. He got up and ran to the shower. It stung. We started the WD40 to get it off.”

The team unveiled their artwork as soon as the game went underway.

“At the very first kick-off, as soon as the foot hit the ball we started to rip,” Baker said. “It’s uncomfortable wearing it anyway, so why not show everybody while we’ve got it.”

Their display was short-lived. An administrator quickly asked the boys to redress in appropriate attire, disappointing many of them.

“I got ticked off when they asked us to put shirts back on,” junior Brennan Hile said. “We couldn’t find anything in the handbook that said we couldn’t do it at a football game. I asked my law enforcement teacher, and he said that there is nothing they could do from a legal side.”

However, principal Brad Bailey said the football games follow the dress code guidelines in the handbook, and the boys could have painted their shirts for spirit without exposing their bodies.

Whether they’re allowed to show off their bare chests or not, the swim team will continue to show their support for the Tiger football team.

“The swim team always shows up,” Derrick said. “We have signs; we cheer. Go Tigers.”