Swinging into state

Tiger golf team ranked number one in state


Kelsi Brinkmeyer

Junior Garrett May is proud to be individually ranked number five in the state.

Story by Anna Graves, staff writer

Number one in the state. Five words that open everyone’s ear. Rarely, though, do people match those five words with the Tiger golf team.

As a team, this is the first time that the boy’s golf team has been state ranked. Not only are they ranked, but they have climbed their way up to number one.

“It feels really good,” sophomore Grayson Jones said. “I feel like we deserve it, but at the same time, we’ve got to work hard to maintain it.”

This stunning performance is quite unexpected considering the past golf teams have not had records like this one.

“I think we are more mature in the fact that we realize how good we can play now,” junior Garrett May said. “We’ve almost reached our full potential, and we know now that our best can beat anybody.”

With their top two players being individually state ranked, it’s no surprise that the team has done so well. Jones is number nine in the state, and May is number five.

“I’ve led every tournament we’ve played in,” May said. “I think I lead the team well because I provide good leadership and really drive the team at practices.”

With the amount of practice, time, and dedication these boys put into the sport, their title as number one in the state is most definitely well deserved. Some of the boys had a club in their hand before they could even walk.

“My parents found me swinging a golf club in the living room at 14 months old, and my family has always played it, so it’s something I enjoy,” Jones said. “We practice as a team four times a week, but, individually, I practice everyday.”

It takes a very dedicated group to achieve something as exciting as number one in the state. It is something that these boys can take pride in and remember forever.

“It feels great,” May said. “Our team has played very well, and I’m really proud of them.”