Off the court

Basketball manager takes job seriously


Photo by Bailey Vaughan

Manager of the basketball team, senior Chelse Williams, works on the score book for the team.

Story by Molly Crouch, staff writer

Dribble, dribble, swoosh. A blur of jerseys fly past, calling play after play. The basketball rolls out of bounds, and she picks it up. She rolls it in her hands, feeling the rough exterior. She passes the ball back to the sweaty basketball player and returns to her seat to watch the rest of practice.

Senior Chelse Williams has been the girls’ basketball head manager for the past two years. She played basketball her sophomore year and has been a manager since her junior year.

“I keep the record books for all three teams,” Williams said. “I just keep pretty much everything in order such as the uniforms and different things like that.”

Williams is like the sixth man on the court, assisting the girls and coaches any way she can.

“I love my teammates, and the new coaches are great,” Williams said. “They are always telling me how much they really appreciate everything that I do for the team and that I help them so much with everything.”

Although Williams isn’t on the court, she still feels like she’s on the team. Being a manager for the team isn’t just about keeping score, passing out uniforms or making sure there is always plenty of water.

“The relationship with the players is a family bond. I feel like a mother to them,” Williams said. “It means a lot to me that I can be trusted to do my job for them and that they have that type of faith in me.”