Boys get the win

Story by Taylor Potter, co-editor in chief

The Tiger Center was rocking Friday, during the Tiger boys’ basketball victory over the Hallsville Bobcats 70-43. The game featured a raucous group of students that have become a fixture this season.


“It’s lots of fun,” senior leadership student Braden May said. “It’s a great time to just lose your mind and act crazy with all your friends.”


Part of the routine has been to poke as much fun at the officials and the visiting team as often, and as loudly, as possible.


“The refs and the opposing coaches are probably our favorite targets. It’s all in good fun, of course,” May said. “We really want everyone to come and do it.”


At the end of the first half, the Tigers held a 29-20 lead, despite starting out a little slow on defense.


“We came out a little sloppy,” senior Jamaal Ray said. “But we picked it up at the end. Defense was a huge part of this game.”


With the district schedule beginning to heat up, it was important that the boys find ways to win against quality opponents.


“We played good as a team,” senior Taylor Jackson said. “Everyone is really coming together. We just came out and played like a team.”


To this point, the Tigers have yet to lose a district game. They hope this success will continue for the remaining schedule and carry over into the playoffs.


“We’re 5-0 in district for this half of the season,” junior Malik Gailes said. “Now we just have to go 5-0 in the second half.”


Though they’ve been successful to this point, the boys understand that continuing to improve is a must.


“Everyone has to come to work everyday,” Jackson said. “Everyone has to come to get better. If we do that, we’ll make a good run this year.”