Making a splash

Radomski stikes gold, relay earns bronze


Zach Baker

Senior Chris Radomski swims the 100-yard butterfly at the state meet in Austin. He won the gold medal in the event.

Story by Maggie Coleman, feature editor

The send off at 6:15 in the morning was exciting, but it couldn’t compare.

The drive to Austin was full of anxiety, but it couldn’t compare.

The sound of the beep to begin the event was exhilarating, but it couldn’t compare.

Nothing could compare to the feeling of winning. Winning medals that claimed them and their team as some of the best in state.

The Tigershark swim team had been preparing for the state meet all year. Even if there was another meet coming up, the thought of state was still always in the back of their mind.

“Throughout out this year it was difficult to look forward to state because I knew I would have to defend my state title,” senior Zach Baker said. “I spent more of my time focusing on the relays. We were extremely pumped to go for the school records. For our 200 free relay, all year we basically knew that this would be our last race together. We didn’t do as good as we thought, but we had a blast.”

Senior Chris Radomski had a variety of emotions as he touched the wall, winning the 100 butterfly and a state championship.

“Well, of course, I was very pleased that I won,” Radomski said. “The only thing I would have changed was remaining calm. Since that was the first race this year where I was challenged, seeing people close to me on some of the turns psyched me out a little and threw off the details I try to focus on. Overall, I’m very proud of the way I ended my senior year. Not everyone gets to win their last race or game in high school, so I consider myself lucky to end my swim career on the top.”

Along with a gold, the boys 200 medley relay, which consisted of Radomski, Baker, senior Josh Klein and junior Zack Norton, was awarded the bronze. The boys worked together to achieve something they had been hoping for their entire high school career.

“I feel like I did help out because that has been our main relay for two years now,” Norton said. “So, I would say I helped contribute. My goals for next year are to help lead the team to another great year and guide them to success like my upperclassmen have done for me. I have confidence that the sophomores will step up and help me lead the team to another great year, so I’m looking forward to next season.”

Although the girls didn’t win any major awards, the meet was worth their while. It was a good way to end the season.

“I think it went well,” senior Madeleine Pellegrin said. “We weren’t really expecting any golds. The girls broke the 200 medley relay school record, so that was great. We had a lot of fun, and that’s what really matters.”