Running a tight schedule

Volleyball prepares for upcoming season in two-a-days


Rachel Lewis

A lady tiger serves the ball over the net during a summer tournament at Pleasant Grove.

In the summer, most kids in high school use their time to sleep til noon and hang out with friends later in the day. However, this isn’t possible for the varsity volleyball team because of their new practice schedule.

This year, the team has started practicing twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Most of the girls like the new schedule.

“Two-a-days are working out really well,” senior Jessica Bilimek said. “Not everyone has the best attitude towards them because of all the running, but they do as they’re told because they want to play.”

The girls also like practice twice a day because it creates a special bond between them and their teammates.

“The practices started out really tough with 7:30 workouts,” senior Chealsea Slider said. “But they are really giving us a good chance to come together and to learn to play together as a team.”

The main reason for the two a day practices is ultimately for the girls to get better at volleyball.

“The two a days are really useful,” junior Takeba Dowden said. “They help us stay in shape for the incredibly long games.”

With these practices, the girls are feeling really confident about the rest of the season.

“We have a young team, but we’re getting better at playing together,” senior Asia Williams said. “I think we’ll have a productive season.”