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Graci Henard, Janie Rounds and Owen Likins are among the many seniors who were unable to complete their season.  However, they've continued to practice and stay hard at work.

After hours

June 4, 2020

They've waited the entire year to play the game they love. Whether it was beating the school record, competing with their friends, or even dedicating a season to their past coach, it's safe to say no one saw the ending of the 2020 school year coming so soon. Due to COVID-19, many high school students...


Deals on Thrills

May 20, 2019

As summertime approaches, some may find themselves looking at their empty calendars as they begin to think about all of the exciting vacations they desire. The only problem is that a majority of the places they want to travel to are far beyond their budgets. However, the perfect affordable vacation ful...

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On beat with the summer heat

August 13, 2018

Hands thrown in the air, teenagers singing along with their favorite artists and positive energy radiating around the stadium. Concerts are events multiple teenagers look forward to. Summertime is for teenagers to be able to relax on their time off from school and try to find different ways to enter...

Time to destress

Time to destress

May 31, 2018

School is over. Now, there’s time to relax and enjoy your summer vacation. Discover what activity you could do to destress and take your mind off your everyday problems from the year with this quiz. What is the source of your stress? a) Work b) People c) My procrastination d) My self doubt Which...

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The dog days of summer

May 24, 2018

TISD will host various summer camps and programs for a wide range of students. There are opportunities for high school students to learn, expand their thinking and assist teachers in the programs for younger students. “High school students who want to be involved in the camps, but are in the upper gra...

Goin’ Outback

Goin’ Outback

November 21, 2017

In the summer of 2019, history teacher Daniel Williams will be hosting a trip to Australia. The trip will consist of visiting the Sydney Tower, Brisbane, Capricorn Caves, traveling by ferry to Queensland Island and much more. “[The trip] will be after the 4th of July to the end of July,” Williams sa...

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Around the world in 90 days

October 15, 2015

Four different people. Four different countries. Thousands of miles separating them. One struggles to climb the last step of the hike as sweat drips down her brow. Another laughs heartily at the scene displayed on the stage before her. The next one screams happily as she flies through a tropical jungle...

Junior Katie Dusek enjoys a  Kurt Vonnegut novel.

The benefits of a boring summer

August 31, 2015

Poking my head out of a cocoon of warm comfy covers, I glance over at my phone to see that it’s 1:45 in the afternoon. I pull myself out of bed only to satisfy the rumbling in my stomach. After my hunger is sated, I return to my bed and continue my day in a similar manner. The last two summers were j...

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Summer invasion by aliens and school

August 25, 2015

You turn in your final exams. You make plans with your friends to make your summer epic. When the bell rings, you throw your papers in the air “High School Musical” style and run to your car. But then you catch a glimpse of the book buried under the unique assortment of trash on your floorboard, an...

Kicking off the season

Kicking off the season

August 24, 2015

With heavy eyes and tight legs, junior Quan Hampton drags himself to the multi purpose building mentally preparing for the workout ahead. The morning starts at 9 a.m. There’s the clinging and clanging of iron bars in the weight room while there’s a whistle blowing on the field igniting the play....

Juniors Olivia Johnson and Jillian Cheney, playfully enjoy watermelon. The annual Watermelon Supper was held the Saturday before school started.

A juicy start back to class

August 24, 2015

A crew of seniors laugh and and eat their dripping watermelon while gossiping about their summers and comparing schedules. Numerous pictures are being taken and edited before they are posted to Instagram. The setting sun is beating down on everyone’s faces, but also providing great lighting for the...

The cheerleaders pray for a successful run at the University of Texas cheer camp. 
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Tigers loose in Austin

August 24, 2015

In the blistering heat of The Bubble, the cheer team sits in a circle saying what they love about each other with cracks in their voices as tears come to the eyes of the seniors that are realizing this is their last year getting to attend the camp that kick starts their year. Every summer both junior...

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