Lady Tigers defeated by Sulphur Springs


Emily Meinzer

Freshman Kaitlyn Cross and senior Kristen McDuffie attempt to block a spike in the game against Sulphur Springs. The Lady Cats defeated the Lady Tigers 3-0.

Story by Katie Dusek, staff writer

The Sulphur Springs  Lady Cats defeated the Lady Tigers Sept. 25 with a score of 3-0.

The two teams were neck and neck for  the first set of the game. Nearing the end of the set, the Lady Tigers were ahead at 25-24. However, the Lady Cats fought back and won the set 27-25.

“We just had mental mistakes at wrong times,” senior Chealsea Slider said. “We would let Sulphur score too many points at one time.”

The second set of the game did not go well for the team. The Lady Cats got a 9-0 lead, and the Tigers struggled to stop the Lady Cats from scoring. The Lady Tigers fought to win back the set, but the Cats got the victory 25-12.

“We never really started out strong and everyone got their heads down,” junior Skylar Huddleston said. “We couldn’t dig ourselves out of the hole we created,”

The third set was similar to the first set. The two teams were side by side, each one clawing to get ahead. The Lady Tigers were able to take the lead at the beginning 22-21. However, the Lady Cats took back the lead at the end and won the set 25-23. The Lady Tigers lost all three sets.

“I think that we just need to get focused and realize that these games matter,” senior Jessica Bilimek said. “We really need to practice our individual skill.”

The Lady Tigers have a high expectations for the rest of the season and hope to move forward to playoffs.

“My hopes for the season are to make playoffs,” Bilimek said. “Overall I just want to become a better team on and off the court.”