Top 5 reasons students go to football games


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Story by Connor Brooks, staff writer

1. Organized Activities-Joseph Gordon
joePhoto by Misty Morris
“I enjoy the games a lot. I would go to them even if I wasn’t in band because they are enjoyable to watch. Playing in the stands is my favorite part of football games. I do enjoy the dancing. It makes the games a lot more fun.”





2. School Spirit-Colby Gillespie

colbyPhoto by Rachel Sorenson
“It is senior year and I want to go out with a bang. I never really was that spirited in first years of high school and I want to make last year special. [I am spirited because] if you ever hear a voice that comes out of the crowd it is always me. The cheering gives initiative for the players to put their heart into the games. I make a point to cheer for them even if they are losing because the players love having support. Yes, I made the wooden TWA letters for the Texas vs. Arkansas game.”




3. Friends go-Luke Calhoon

lukePhoto by Rachel Sorenson
“I just feel like hanging out with my friends when I don’t have much to do and the football games are a good way to do this. I enjoy the games because I like to see how [Texas High] is doing in them. [My friends] are just at the game because they like making fun of the other team. We also rip off our shirts once a year at a game. We have to figure out which game to do it at every year. The Texas vs. Arkansas is definitely not an option because of the long-standing rivalry. It would get us kicked out.”




4. Fun-Aubree Cramer

AubreePhoto by Rachel Sorenson
Getting to be on the field at games makes them a lot of fun and I like the special view that I have there. I know a lot of players and this makes them a lot more enjoyable too. I enjoy the chants and usually participate in the ones that the cheerleaders start. The annual Texas vs. Arkansas game is the most fun because I am focused the entire time on the game and because they are the most intense. The ongoing rivalry makes it this way.




5. Leadership-Wade Johnston

wadePhoto by Rachel Sorenson
“I am not forced to go to games but it is good to participate in things if you are in leadership. You shouldn’t sign up [for leadership] if you don’t like the football games. I definitely would still go to games even if I wasn’t in leadership.  [Leadership] gets you to be more involved in cheering and especially with the team. This is because you get to set up before and after game.”