Lady Tigers head to playoffs after defeating Lady Lions 3-1


Photo by Dawson Kelley

Sophomore Treyaunna Rush spikes the ball at the final game before playoffs.

Story by Thalia Hawkins and Victoria Van

With strong determination, the Lady Tigers won their last game before playoffs 3-1 against Greenville Lady Lions on Oct. 21.

The first set the Lady Tigers started strong but started to get shaky as they tried to gain back points. They eventually lost 22-25. Yet through much motivation, there was great communication between the players to start their winning streak with the remaining sets.

“I think we started off a little salty in the beginning but we picked it up,” sophomore Kaitlyn Cross said.

During the second set, they continued in their shaky start, but later gained control. This kept the Lady Tigers up with the Lady Lions. Once they gained their momentum and control, they got their bearings back and won 25-17.

By the third set, their unyielding streak went on as they equaled in score with every play that forced them to keep strong throughout the set. In the end they were victorious in the set, beating the Lions 25-17.

The last set consisted of being on the losing side until dramatically catching up and winning 24-21.

Overall, the athletes thought the game was an important one and making it to the playoffs has been exciting.

“Its our last home game probably so we’re a little emotional about that but we’re definitely proud of our performance.” Cross said. “We’re going to practice hard and compete in the playoff game.”

The head volleyball coach believed the team did well and redeemed themselves after the last game. She’s ready to prepare for the playoffs.

“I think it went well. The girls did a really good job coming back keeping it third place. I think they played a lot better than their last home game against Marshall,” Coach Melissa Trotter-Hardy said. “I’m excited that they won their last game. So they set their game up and I’m happy.We’re going to prepare well and right now we’re planning on competing against some of the top teams.”