Tigers shipwreck the Pirates

The boys’ basketball team moves through another team in district play


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Story by Jay Williamson, managing editor

Tigers boys’ basketball hosted the Pine Tree Pirates on Feb 13. The game began with a contested floater by JJ Sparkman-Hawkins of Pine Tree after the Pirates won the tip off. The Tigers’ first bucket came off a three pointer in the corner by Vonderic Stanley making the score 3-4 Pine Tree.

Throughout the first quarter, both teams stayed fairly even with one another as they each struggled to get into a groove offensively, but the score was 13-14 Pirates to end the first. The Tigers got their first score of the second quarter with a three by Kyle Wright taking a 14-16 lead.

From there on, the Tigers ran away with the game offensively and the Pirates weren’t able to keep up. The Pirates were effectively shut out on offense by a strong defensive performance by the Tigers in the second quarter, characterized by two blocks by Cole Drumm and CJ Kelley during the fourth minute of play. Texas High went on to dominate the second quarter with a score of 40-26 thanks to numerous three pointers and good ball movement.

“We came in with a lot of confidence after losing at Pine Tree last time, and we wanted to make sure that we got a win at home,” junior Cole Drumm said.

The third quarter was structured much like the first as both teams struggled to score efficiently. However, it was the Tigers’ advantage in raw athleticism and shooting which ensured that it would be impossible for the Pirates to come back; by the end of the third quarter the Tigers led 55-39.

The fourth quarter was dominated by Texas and was mainly characterized by the 22-1 run that helped them finish the game. This run made the Pirates look overwhelmed with the sheer amount of offense generated by Texas from numerous three pointers and multiple fast break layups. Texas ended the game after a final three-pointer by senior Taylor Turner, his first career three-pointer. The final score was 85-50.

“It felt great having the crowd on our side; I’m just happy to be here. Hitting that three felt natural and it’s all thanks to my teammates,” senior Taylor Turner said.

The Tigers moved to 7-3 in district while the Pirates became 1-8 in district.

“Going into playoffs is obviously a big deal but we have a lot of confidence,” Drumm said. “We have to make sure we work hard and take every practice seriously.”